ACRONET Paradigm – Professional remote environmental monitoring systems based on the principles of the Open Hardware.

Shared design, free publication of all the project artifacts, self-realization, installation in the field with simple DIY mounting kits (IKEA Model) and low costs of measurements makes any ACRONET monitoring network ethically sustainable and adoptable without important initial investments. Furthermore, it can also be managed autonomously by anyone, even in developing countries, local governments, voluntary associations, citizens, etc…
Meteorological, or more generic environmental parameters (as well as the ones related to air quality, etc.) can be monitored in real-time with low cost measuring stations.
In fact, rain gauge, thermometer, hydrometer, anemometer, PM10 (dust) sensor are some of the devices that can be connected to the ACRONET measuring stations. Data are always available in real-time by accessing the web platform Here, it is possible to directly set notifications (mail, sms, etc.) regarding alarm or alert thresholds.


 ACRONET - the paradigm and our philosophy
ACRONET - DIY kit, choose your kit
ACRONET - ACRONETWORK, visualization platform environmental data in real time

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